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Trilobite Monument featured in Tucson's JCC sculpture garden!

Trilobites were the most advanced form of life on earth for 290 million years. With 17,000 distinct species and hundreds of billions of individuals at any given time, they were the very definition of a successful and ubiquitous creature. Then every single last one of the little guys died.

Gone, but not forgotten. Now our species honors theirs with this monument to a once great creature. this sculpture was made in response to the challenge of the theme of Burningman 2009: Evolution!


Josua Tree, California.

Trilobite Sculpture on display at Tucson Gem and Mineral show 2011

Here is a sketch I made of another Trilobite sculpture I made years ago...

Special thanks goes to Jay Luker and Anthony Baynes of Metalphysic Sculpture art studio and foundry. http://www.metalphysic.com/

Special thanks also goes to Dr. Stephen L. Buchmann, entomologist. http://www.thebeeworks.com/